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litter I

Father   Mother
Padre X Madre
Lejie Time Out   Dragon Lady de Harpocan

Born puppies:
5 yellow males
4 yellow females

(Photos of the puppies)

Date of Birth: 17/07/2010


Lejie Time Out Rocheby Old Smokey Rocheby Navy Blue Rocheby Sailing By
Cambremer Royal Velvet At Rocheby
Rocheby Polkadot Poolstead Pretentious At Rocheby
Rocheby Acorn
Lejie Back In Time Anti Aspen Of Finnwoods Palabras Blue Rayo
Hirsipirtin Xedos
Lejie Madeline Danryl Blue
Lejie Annalise
Dragon Lady de Harpocan Rocheby Dark Sky Rocheby Old Smokey Rocheby Navy Blue
Rocheby Polkadot
Follytower Sky Lark Cannonr Idge Jackdaw
Follytower Pandora
Galadriel De Harpocan Boreas Poolstead Plan Ahead
Senendal Gilberta
Lejie Polly Anna Rocheby Whisky Mac
Lejie Madeline



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